Puppy Class


Fee: $80 for GFKC members / $90 for non-member
You can make payment for classes via the payment page

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Fee: $80 for GFKC members / $90 for non-member

Payment Details: You can make payment for classes via the online payment page

Duration: 1 hour classes each week for 6 weeks


Location: TBD

Instructor: TBD

The Puppy Kindergarten class will bring owners and their puppies together for the benefit of socialization with people and other puppies. This class will help owners learn to train in a positive, non-threatening manner so the puppy will gain confidence through learning. Problem behaviors and training methods will be discussed.


  • Puppies must have proof that they have had two vaccinations and veterinarians verbal permission to attend the class
  • Puppies must be under 6 months of age
  • Bring puppy on a buckle collar and a 4 or 6 foot leather, cloth or nylon lead
  • You should also bring tiny food treats, i.e. string cheese sliced in to thin slices, and placed in a zip lock bag
  • Be sure your puppy has not eaten within two hours before class and bring water for you and your puppy as well as clean up bags. Exercise your puppy before you leave home and before coming into the building

Students are responsible for:

  • Having dog exercised and warmed up before class begins (this means come early)
  • Keep poop bags handy
  • Keeping dog on lead and under control at all times
  • Keeping dog’s nails as short as possible
  • Dog’s attention needs to stay on handler and not on other dogs
  • Dog may NOT relieve themselves on the training field or equipment
  • Dogs are not allowed on the field or equipment without instructor supervision
  • Dogs must be kept on leash or under verbal command at all times
  • Pets shall be flea and tick free (Preventive or spray is recommended}
  • No aggressive dogs or bitches in season allowed without consent of instructor or other classmates
  • Restroom facilities are available
  • Classes that are cancelled due to inclement weather (rain/snow) will be made up

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