AKC Star Puppy

The Greater Fredericksburg Kennel Club classes are available to members and non-members. Classes are designed to help the companion dog owner teach his/her dog, using positive reinforcement, work toward a American Kennel Club Performance Title. Performance competitions are open to both purebred and mixed-breed dogs. Once registered, mixed-breed dogs will be able to compete in AKC Performance Trials, such as Obedience, Rally and Agility. Please contact the AKC at www.akc.org on how to register your mixed breed dog.

Performance classes require a 6′ training lead of either leather, nylon or cotton. Instructors will discuss and recommend collar types either at your request or at their discretion. You will need small treats that your dog can swallow without chewing such as string cheese sliced into dime size pieces. Bring water for yourself and your dog. Other required items will be discussed in class.

Fee: $80 for GFKC members / $90 for non-member
You can make payment for classes via the payment page

Duration: 1 hour classes each week for 6 weeks


Location: 58 Gray’s Rd Fredericksburg, Virginia, 22405 {Map & Directions}

Starting November 4 for 6 weeks, inside, (only cancelled for snow)
No Classes Scheduled for this period

Location: Colonial K-9 – 30 Big Springs Lane Stafford, Virginia, 22554 {Map & Directions}

Instructor: Vera Symonds

AKC Star Puppy
Go to AKC.org for full information.

Students are responsible for:

  • Having dog exercised and warmed up before class begins (this means come early)
  • Keep poop bags handy
  • Keeping dog on lead and under control at all times
  • Keeping dog’s nails as short as possible
  • Dog’s attention needs to stay on handler and not on other dogs
  • Dog may NOT relieve themselves on the training field or equipment
  • Dogs are not allowed on the field or equipment without instructor supervision
  • Dogs must be kept on leash or under verbal command at all times
  • Pets shall be flea and tick free (Preventive or spray is recommended}
  • No aggressive dogs or bitches in season allowed without consent of instructor or other classmates
  • Restroom facilities are available
  • Classes that are cancelled due to inclement weather (rain/snow) will be made up

Classes may be subject to change, Rally and Puppy may be added

Please send registration form to Vera Symonds: veragautreaux@gmail.com